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Saturday, April 11, 2015

a few freebies

I recently posted this photo on my Instagram and Facebook:
I had a few requests from people who also use Reading Wonders or Math in Focus, so I made a set for K-5. If you have either of these programs, feel free to download by clicking below.
After attending my school's latest PTO/Site Council meeting, it became apparent that there isn't really a system for passing the torch when it comes to hosting a Friday Fun Night fundraiser. So....I pulled together what I already had and made one. I made it completely theme-less so that it can be used at any point in the year. Use all of it, some of it or none of it...it's free, so please be kind and don't ask me to change it just for you or leave negative feedback because it doesn't work for your fundraiser ;)
And 1 more before I go....my school is also trying to raise money for some new playground equipment and therefore, I volunteered to take our usual "thank you" class photo. So, I whipped up these posters for my own class and figured you might be able to use them as well! Enjoy!
In other news, I created this to use with one of my kiddos. You might find it useful....?



  1. No wonder your kids have trouble...from the pictures I can't tell the difference in the books, either! (Good thing we don't have either of those programs...)

  2. Hi! I love your textbook helpers! I teach first grade, however the one for first only has books for one unit but we have 6 units in the Wonders curriculum. Is there anyway you could include the images of books for all 6 units? I would definitely be willing to pay on TPT! :)

    1. Hi Ashley, I won't be modifying it, but I hope you find what you're looking for! -Jen


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