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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

viva las wheretheheckismyhotelroomagain

Where oh where do I begin? Last week was a blur. I headed to the iTeach 1st Conference in Las Vegas (for the record, I teach 2nd) to touch up on some foundational skills for primary grades. In case you're wondering, it's about 4 hours from Juneau to Vegas (that question came up a lot last week).
(and no, I didn't pay for a 1st Class ticket...I scored with the $50 upgrade when checking in...I'm not a baller like you thought I was!)

The conference was being held at the Venetian, so I booked my room there to save myself from having to walk too far. If you've never been to Vegas, something "just across the street" can take 30 minutes to get to...things are farther away than they seem and these pregnant ankles can't handle that. Plus...I got lost several times (thanks for being my guide Molly!) in this giant hotel anyway. I may have gone into someone else's room on the floor below me thinking it was my room and even sat down while waiting for the maid that let me in to verify I was actually me...and I may or may not have cried of embarrassment when I figured out I was in someone else's room and rushed out of there. 
I was all alone in this big 'ol room until my roomie Melissa from First Grade Smiles showed up on Wednesday! She did a great job remember to take go check out her post if you are wanting more Vegas! I was so lucky to have her as a roommate (read: not a snorer) and thankfully we got along great! Love you Melissa! 

 One of the more interesting sessions I attended was by Erin Klein of Kleinspiration. I had seen her ideas being used at my school and knew I had to meet her in person...she was super cute and knowledgeable! 

I apparently didn't take any photos for the rest of iTeach 1st...but then Friday came and Teachers Pay Teachers was having their very FIRST sellers conference...I came prepared and I also took more photos.

The super sweet Amy and Paul from TpT!
After the TpT sessions, we had a cocktail hour and had a bit of fun! There was a photo booth and I might have gone in it twice with my sweet bloggy friends... #wastherealimitforthat? #sorrynotsorry

This woman right here has an amazing story and I was so excited to hear it in person. She really is sweet, sassy and teeny tiny...I wanted to scoop her up and carry her around in my pocket! 
If you don't know who Mr. Greg is, you must be living under a rock. I had to stand in line to meet him! He is one of my best customers and I had to meet him in person to thank him!

He even had his very own photo booth at the Creative Teaching Press booth #mustachemania

And this girl. Let me tell you. This is Erin from Lovin' Lit. We have been friends online for over a year now and I finally got to meet her. Super sweet, incredibly humble and always honest. Who could ask for more?
A terrible photo of us, but Mexican restaurants pretending to be outside (but are really inside a giant hotel) don't have great lighting. #whyismyhandgiantlooking


  1. So glad you had such a fabulous experience in Vegas! I'm so jealous of everyone's experiences. I must go next year!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I can't believe I did not see you there. But I kept getting off the elevator at the wrong floor and could not get my key to work. Then I would figure it out. Your room looks just mine did. So you weren't alone on the confusion.

  3. I can't believe I missed you friend! I wish I could have seen you and your pregnant belly (congrats btw)! Glad you had a good time and finally found your way home;)

  4. Roooooooomieeeeeeee!!!! Miss you already! Had a blast rooming with you and was also very glad you didn't snore. :) Until next year....

    First Grade Smiles

  5. What a great recap...and HOW did I not hear about the wrong room mixup. That seriously just made me laugh out loud! So fun to hangout - just 11.5 months till next time!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  6. I'm so bummed that I didn't run into you! Your story about the hotel room made me laugh. I called my husband no less than 4 times during the course of the conference to have him come and find me. :)

    Looking forward to next year!
    Play to Learn Preschool


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