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Friday, April 25, 2014

i got fiiiiive on it

Whhhaaaat?! You probably didn't even notice my absence, but in case you did, I'm baaaack! I took a mini vacation from creating and blogging...and I'll tell you what, it was nice! I think I may have been addicted...anyone else with me?

1. It's Friday, and for some reason or another (not complaining AT ALL), our district has the day off for what is labeled a "Post Assessment Break" on the calendar. We had SBA testing a few weeks ago (not me, I'm just a lowly 2nd grade teacher hee hee) and our interim principal asked us K-2 peeps to create something to encourage the 3-5ers. I saw this adorable idea on Instagram and knew I had to create one for our school. Luckily, I had already made all of the clipart I needed!
It's a FREEBIE...so go download your own or pop it into your wishlist for next year!

2. Girls are disgusting (or BISgusting as I like to say). I flush toilets with my shoe like a ninja. I block peeking eyes through the stalls with my teacher "look" and I quiet those awkward kid "Who is that?" comments with my "Inappropriate!" So, I used my handy dandy Silhouette Portrait (finally starting to get the hang of this thing) and made some reminders for the mirror outside the bathroom (sinks and mirror are in the hallway...genius I think).

3.  I had my 31st birthday on Monday. It was a glorious birthday. Students were on their best behavior and my sweet friends came over for dinner. My partner teacher even made up a song spelling out my name (starting with "L is for the way you label things...") and the kids all sang it to me (warm fuzzies commenced). Ahh if only every day could be a birthday...

4. If you have purchased any of my clipart, please go into your "My Purchase" tab and see if you need to replace your clipart file with a new one! Some bundles have been refined (lines touched up) and others have been completely revamped (I redid several clipart bundles so they are completely new).

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