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Monday, March 10, 2014

iditarod...part two!

We are on our 3rd full week of Iditarod madness up here in Alaska (you can read all about some of my Iditarod literacy activities that we did here)...and let me tell you, these puppies are having a blast! Here's what we've been up to lately in the land of Iditarod!
Ideas and activities for teaching about the Iditarod

The Red Lantern Award is given to the last musher to cross the finish line in Nome, so of course, I had to have one to stress the importance of hard work and determination! I bought this one on eBay a few years ago. I also brought in a pair of fleece dog booties to show the class what the dogs in the Iditarod wear to protect their feet from the ice! They loooved these 2 artifacts! You can find a red lantern like this one here.
 We began our week by learning about the mushers that are in this year's race (I printed off biographies from the official Iditarod website). Students were responsible for writing about their musher and personalizing a mini musher to keep track of each day on the checkpoint bulletin board.
 Then, we colored these Musher Trading Cards, added neat facts we found (think Pokemon power info, but mushers!) to the back of each card, and let the exchanges begin!
This is a new page added to the Iditarod Unit, so if you already bought this unit, go download your updated version for free (go to My Purchases in TpT)!!! I stuck mine in a page protector and update it in the morning when we move our mushers.  

Sadly, 2 of the mushers that were assigned scratched (dropped out), so they live in the "Scratched Zone" now!
Money games!
Multiplication and division is much more engaging when puppy food is involved!
 Brushing up on our expanded form skills again:
 Doubles and doubles +1 practice:
 We used these number bonds to practice our splitting of tens and ones:
 Reading Iditarod books and working on Adopt-a-Dog journals (available separate, but also included in my Iditarod Unit):
 Ohhh the importance of 10's Friends!!!! We can't practice this enough!
Solving for an unknown and fractions!
And YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT! A super sweet volunteer made this whole thing for us to hang up! You can't tell from the photo, but each of those flags are cut out construction paper, not printed from the internet! And the letters are all bordered with black and layered on top of looks A-MAZING in real life. Trust me. I was speechless when I opened up the delivery! I promptly cut it out and laminated it so I could hug it all night hang it up in the hallway with our other Iditarod stuff.
 Terrible lighting in the hallway, as you can see from the difference in the photo below.
 We also made our Iditarod Husky Craftivity dogs (available separate, but also included in my Iditarod Unit)! They'll be in the hallway soon with the musher biographies *hopefully* soon!
 I printed my bookmarks, laminated them and used pawprint ribbon from JoAnn's to make them extra special and fun.
Each of these activities comes from my Iditarod: An Integrated Unit. You can check out all of my Iditarod activities by clicking below.
We still have a couple of weeks of Iditarod fun left...I'm crossing my fingers for Aliy Zirkle to win this year...she has been so close this whole race! Do you have a musher pick? Tell me! Who would you like to see win?!


  1. Oh, what a fun unit! We read Stone Fox earlier this year and learned a lot about the Iditarod and dog racing. How I wish I had waited to do this DURING the Iditarod. Maybe next year! Have fun!

  2. How much longer does the race go on? I bought your Adopt-A-Dog during the TPT sale, but with all of the school days we've missed lately (15), I am behind in all of my Seuss/President's Day/St. Patrick's Day units and now we are in the midst of standardized testing! Ugh! I have Gary Paulsen's DOG TEAM book pulled to share tomorrow though!

  3. Aaack! 15 days?! That is a lot! There is no official end date for the's whenever the last person crosses the finish line (and gets the Red Lantern Award) the whole thing can last until the end of March. Have fun tomorrow!!


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