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Saturday, December 21, 2013

fiver, freebies and a clipart roundup

A few weeks ago, I drew Cheeks and his Geet monster (handmade and given to me by my super sweet coworker at my baby shower!) must have been fate, because as I was thinking what to do with his lil mini, I got a Shutterfly coupon for a free magnet in my email! Bam! So, I promptly uploaded his mini and ordered a magnet...which he steals from the fridge and I find later on the floor...he loooves it!

For the last 2 years, I've done individual portraits for my students. They absolutely love them! I just use a thin Sharpie and draw in some hair, a smile, a nose, and other little details. Then I fill in with a colored pencil. Of course, I've learned my lesson with teacher gifts and wait until the *perfect* moment to give them out (i.e. I don't pass them out when the rest of them are being passed out and the candy gets all the attention). This is one of those gifts that takes some time, so I feel it deserves a special introduction and I make sure to share each one with the entire class (on our projector) so everyone gets to see everyone's portrait.  Anyway, I can't find the template I used to use, so I made a new one with my fancy frames (you can find these in my store) and drew up a quick head and shoulders template.  You could also give them to students to draw family members, friends or themselves!
And here's what they looked like (with the old template) all colored in.
Or if you're looking for printable Valentine cards--grab this FREEBIE as well!
And I made this valentine parent letter class list for Valentine's Day! Note: it is NOT editable--you'll need to write student names. 



  1. You are SOOOO clever! Oh my gosh, you should make and sell mini magnets of children! YES! That's your new job! :) Have a fabulous weekend!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. You have really cute clipart!!! The class and I started on our love robots today. I will have to remember to post some pictures of how they turned out. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Gee, you pulled it together ahead of Autumn. We are linked behind you. She forgot it was Friday. Thanks for the Freebies, we use them.

  4. Love your cute Valentine's graphics! I used them for my latest product! Thanks!!

    A Grade One Nut and Her Squirrelly Crew


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