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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

pesky turkeys

Somehow, I failed to blog about Thanksgiving. Whooopsie. Well, to sum it up quickly, we had a special week of crafts and centers!  Here's a quick peek at our week :)

First up, we had to do Turkeys in Disguise!  These are my favorite :)

We made handprint turkeys (I forgot to take a photo somehow...but I'm sure you can use your imagination), paper plate/toilet paper roll turkeys with thankful thoughts, and persuasive turkeys!
And on the homefront...
Mr. Craftypants was in charge of cooking our first Thanksgiving dinner. As in, we usually go to my parents' house and sit on the couch while my mom works her hiney off in the kitchen. I'm useless and spoiled when it comes to food. BUT...I like to think I can entertain and decorate, so that is usually my contribution. So, Mr.Craftypants cooks every. single. meal. But on Thanksgiving, doesn't have time for pumpkin pie like he thought. I almost cried. Seriously. When I was about 5, I finger-scooped all of the cooked pumpkin pie filling (leaving the crust) that was on top of the stove on Thanksgiving. An. Entire. Pie. Then I went and played in my room. My mom "first-name, middle-name"d me.  I played innocent. The pie all over my face gave me away. Legend has it, I'll eat an entire pie to myself. Anywhoo....when I spoke of the no-pieness to my little brother, he was as appalled as I was. Parents arrived, mom whipped into action and pie was in the oven in 15 minutes. YESSSSS. Disaster averted.
I have no pictures of pie (for obvious reasons if you read any of that), but I do have a photo of my beautiful centerpiece Mr.Craftypants built for this and future occasions....did I luck out or what with him?
{silver place holders are from Pottery Barn}

We went and got our tree from Home Depot...which you may think is weird since I live in a rainforest full of Christmas trees, but we had a gift card and it only ended up costing us $4. Whaaaat?!  While we were there scoping out bathroom remodel stuff, we were let in on a lil secret. Meet Mr.Balloons. This old guy was so awesome. He keeps balloons in his apron pocket and makes these for kids. We pretty much live at Home Depot since we bought this house, so I don't know why we are just finding out about this magic man, but let me tell you, we won't be leaving balloon-free ever again. "Boon!"
I hope all of you had a super sweet Thanksgiving and a fabulous time shopping either on Black Friday or Cyber Monday/Tuesday :) 


  1. Reading about you on Thanksgiving at your mom's(on previous years) almost made me think I wrote your post....minus the pumpkin pie...I don't like pumpkin. I have a Mr. Craftypants type too. I would starve if he didn't feed me. I'm not joking. I do know how to turn on the microwave and order take-out though...always a positive!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. My husband and I have a deal where he cooks during the school year and I get summers. But my summer meals are three times more elaborate than his, so I figure we come out even!

  3. You are so amazing with your clipart - I love all of it! My husband NEVER cooks, but my sons enjoy cooking - they refused to learn how to sew on a button, though. I met someone from Alaska, and I asked her if she had ever heard of the rain forest in Alaska - she seemed rather baffled - but she lives way up north. Someone actually asked her if she knew someone who lived in an igloo. (it wasn't me). Yikes!


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