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Monday, November 11, 2013

freebie dump

I have been super busy these last few days. Thursday, I had a Teacher Work Day (no kids) and prepped for conferences and report cards all day. Friday, I had back to back conferences all day (preachin to the choir, I know). Saturday, grocery shopping and a play date (where I got to meet my friend's brand new baby...weird to hold a newborn again!). Sunday, a family photo shoot at the glacier, complete with our dog (who turned 10 the same day). And somehow, in between all the craziness, I was able to get *some* work done! I'm looking forward to next weekend, when I plan on being as lazy as a ladybug.

And do you take a class holiday photo? I do this every year and send them out to families and volunteers. Here's an old one so you can see what I mean.  We are all wearing gift bows (I even put a bow on my tummy because I was pregnant with Cheeks!).
Those letters have always been, well, blah. So, I spruced them up for this year's photo using my own clipart frames (another FREEBIE below!). You can download the new letters by clicking below.
And I also made these Winter first attempt at frames! What do you think? They're free for now, click below to download!



  1. Thank you for all the great resources- love your products!

  2. Oh Man! I am dying laughing reading about your Celebrity crush. (I am still alive, don't worry!) Gotta love those "shuttas". I'd want him to be a bird with me too, not gonna lie!
    Hope you have a good week!

    Whole Hearted Country

  3. Thanks for linking up Jen! I love those cute! That freebie is awesome. I love to have routines!
    A Burst of First


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