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Thursday, October 3, 2013

a sticky situation

What time is it? Tool Time! Nope. Flashback though, right? Where did JTT go anyway? Wasn't I going to marry him? I thought that's what MASH (that weird game we always played with paper and pen where you "predict" your future...) said would happen?!

1. Candy Corn. Gross. But, I didn't have to eat it, so I'll deal. This activity is a hit every year, and the best part is seeing them get so excited over a tiny piece of candy. You would think I give them 100 dollar bills with the way they acted about it. Nerds. Click to download.
I give each of them some candy corn, and then they brainstorm words for each category. I "outlaw" boring words like good, nice, etc. and shoot for "big" words (delicious, superb, etc.).  This is one of my favorite non-Halloween activities that I do every year, and I love that I get to refer to this lesson in Writing Workshop all year long when I am reminding them about adjectives and describing details.  

2.  Our district made name badges for us to wear (although I swear other schools in our district already were doing this?), and the first thing I thought of when I heard we were getting them was, "I get to do that Pinterest thing I saw a year ago!" I typed up my class list, printed, cut and threw it in the back of the badge (it's not even taped!). Bring it on, fire drills. Bring it on.
3.  We have a little problem in our house. About 4-5 days a week, Cheeks soaks through his diaper and clothes. As in, we are constantly washing his sheets and dealing with a screaming, wet and sticky baby at 3 a.m. This started happening about a month ago. We recently bought some night time diapers, but his size (6) were sold out (and don't appear to be restocked EVER), so we went with the smaller ones. They sometimes work, but most of the time, not. So, he's been getting lots of baths in our old vintage pink tub lately. Which, as you can see, is not a problem for him. Insert excuse to show you this photo from last night.
So, my question is, do you have any tips to help save me from getting up at 3 a.m. and dealing with this? Yogurt instead of a bottle before bed helps, but he doesn't always want food, so we just resort to a bottle if he won't eat. Help?!

4. Check out this sweet, Star Wars (Mr. Tongass is a huge nerd, I'm a mild nerd) inspired shirt we got at a tourist shop this summer. He rocks it, no?


  1. I love the candy corn cinquain activity. Looks like something my students would enjoy!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  2. HA! MASH is now an APP!!!! Can you believe? My girls play it on their iPods. Crazy.
    I dislike Candy Corn too... But that's a cute activity.

  3. Love the candy corn activity! What a great way to work with adjectives too. I don't like candy corn either but I noticed that Starburst is making a Starburst flavored one. I'm not a candy eater in general, but I might try those. :)


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