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Friday, December 20, 2013

what the heck is bear bread?

Something I made this weekend: a very Alaskan chalkboard. First, I scored some bear bread. If you have never heard of bear bread, it's a hard fungus that grows on trees. Here's a few fine bear bread specimen (in my creepy scientist voice) in their natural habitat for you to gander.
 While writing this post, I started to wonder why we call it "bear bread" in the first place. Google couldn't really tell me, so if you have a link with info, please post it in the comments! I may or may not have just looked at a whole lot of different recipes for beer bread while searching, but that's not the same, so.....anywho...Here's what it looks like in all of its nature naked-ness on a Dr.Pepper (diet!) case.
Whammy! Chalkboard spray paint. Glorious.
And here he is sittin pretty for his outdoor photo shoot (on my front porch). I plan on putting him in the classroom and writing little reminders to students on him. He's going to match perfectly with my decor (see it here).


  1. I have never heard of bear bread. Too neat!!!


  2. One year later..........bear bread is eaten by bears prior to hibernation to "stop up the works" so to speak. When they come out of hibernation they'll seek out & eat skunk cabbage to reverse that process.

  3. My family and I went to the Tongass National Park. The guide on the trip told us that the fungus is called "bear bread" because bears eat it right before going into hibernation. Apparently, while it is edible, it has a constipation effect that bears benefit from before going to sleep.


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