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Friday, September 20, 2013


It's Friday. TFGIF.

Yesterday, I made a mini of my Mom. Mommy mini is my fave :) She's rockin her sorority sweatshirt (not a college sorority, but a nonprofit philanthropic sorority that raises money for charities like St.Judes) and her mom jeans.  Teacher friends, meet Margi (pronounced with a soft g unless you want to get the EVIL MOM/TEACHER EYE...which has been, by far, the best genetic trait she could have shared with me). Thanks Ma!

We had MAP testing this week. This is the first time we had a laptop cart come to our classrooms, and I have to say, it went GREAT! Thanks to my old teamie (who I miss terribly and is teaching straight 1 this year...booo!), the laptops work great and we get to keep using the computer lab during interventions (instead of pausing interventions for weeks while MAP testing and makeups go on). Yay for efficiency!

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I posted this last week I think. It's my new clipboard/binder I got from Amazon. You can find one by clicking here. I was planning on bringing my Teacher Binder Essentials Pack to our local Office Plus, but decided to do this instead for now. It flips open so I can put the binder on top of the clipboard if I want, which is great if I am walking outside to my car (if you haven't figured it out yet, I live in a rainforest and it rains all the time) or if I have something confidential clipped on top.  So far, I love it!
We finished reading Flat be honest, I started reading it 2 weeks ago and then completely forgot about it, saw it sitting behind my chair and was mortified (not that the kids even noticed!). After I finished reading, I had each student draw themselves as a Flat {their name} and write about what they would do if they were flat like Stanley. The majority of them drew themselves as kites (Stanley becomes a kite in the book) because that's the example I drew. I collected them and put them in our Flat Stanley binder (where we keep all of our Stanley's once they come back to us). Do you read Flat Stanley? Do you do anything special for it? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Love your mini mom!! She looks so cute!!! You always have great clipart - do you free hand draw all of it?


  2. Our library holds a door decorating contest each year. Last year we did Flat Stanley's Ninja Surprise and each child made himself into a ninja. (Some used photos for their face; others drew it all.) They were all different sizes, but all really cute and our door won first prize! (A pizza party...the librarians know the way to the boys' hearts!)

    Do you have enough places to send all your Flat Stanleys? I also teach second grade and we would love one to come our way if you you need another destination.

    Now to think of this year's door idea...

    1. What a great idea! I see all kinds of door decorating on the Internet, but our school doesn't seem to have any interest in that...hmmm...maybe I'll have to change that! All of our Flat Stanley's are mailed off, but thank you for the sweet offer!


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