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Thursday, August 8, 2013

awholelottanothin Thursday!

In one week I will be officially back on contract for the year! Yay for having a job that allows me to paydahbills, yay for a new exciting year with new kids, BUT booooo for leaving my baby Cheeks behind (soooo stinkin hard after a great summer).  Anyone else feelin it? I wonder if I'll cry this year...last year I was too busy to think about anything other than managing on the first day, and also my Mom brought him in at lunch so I could feed him so I had that to look forward to (every day until December! She's a saint you guys).  Anyway, I'm going to PARTY-rock mommy-style (i.e. play a TON and make the best pbj you've ever seen!) and soak up the last few hours the best I can.  What are your plans if you haven't already started? How will you make the most of it???

Oh, and before I forget, here's my Throwback Thursday!  It has nothing to do with anything and is totally random, but maybe you'll find something useful? 

Original post 4/4/2013
I made this book bag into a Parent Volunteer @ Home bag....I have some wonderful parents who can't always make it into the classroom, but want to help from home.  This week, I put Scholastic Book Orders for April, coverletters for Book Orders and a mini-stapler in the bag.  A tedious task that only takes about 20 minutes, but when time is precious, it's PRECIOUS.
I saw this AWESOME idea on Pinterest. I believe that's called "pinspired" right? Use a tap light to let students know when they absolutely. cannot. bug. you. I bought a 2 pack from Home Depot, used it for DIBELS assessments this week, and it worked like a charm!  Now, what to do with the other one....anyone have any BRIGHT ideas (pun intended)???
We are getting ready to go to the Beach in a few weeks! I tend to forget the majority of the rules and somehow end up focusing on "don't squish those animals you guys!" so I made this little poster to remind myself the class.
We started our Sea Week unit! Yay! I read Pagoo by Holling Clancy Holling (his first name is also his last name...what?!) to my class every year and they just love it. It's the scientifically cute story of a baby hermit crab from the moment he is hatched to the moment he makes his own baby.  Is the Circle of Life from the Lion King in your head yet? If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it.  The vocabulary is a little difficult for some, but if you have a good read aloud voice and gestures, they pick it up easily. {this chair is my "author's chair" that my husband added new fabric, paint, gold rope trim and wood rivets to...the kids love it!}.
My newest attention-getter: Squeekie. Isn't he cute? He can be a little obnoxious sometimes, but that's what I LOVE ABOUT HIM! He takes the words right out of everyone's mouths!


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your last few days of summer!



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