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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Sushmashmborgashborg

Love this linky. Random is always right up my alley. Plus, there's no limit so I could ramble, or be super quick with this post...let's see where it takes me, shall we?!

Smorgie #1-I recently went to a ladies night, oh yes it's ladies night (sing it girl!) with some gal pals (hate that term, had to use it).  I decided to make my "famous" brie en croute (aka apple cheese pie as I call it).  Can o'apple pie fillin, check. Cheap wheel o'brie, check. Crescent roll dough, check. Super cool pottery pie pan, check. Here's how it looks before it goes in the oven, minus the dough I put on top to seal it up (whatever the directions on the crescent roll dough are, but bake it something like 20 minutes instead).
And wah lah you have yourself a fancy schmancy item for a partay (I know it's spelled voila, but I always read that as "voy-la" in my head so I thought I'd American-ize it for ya since I don't speak French, yer velcome!).

Smorgie #2-Teacher sockies! Reusable water bottle! Found these bad boys hiding out at JoAnn's so I threw them into my cart like a crazy teacher who's worried someone will see her buying dorky socks. Not someone I know named JoAnn, but the fabric store silly!  Although, if I did know her, I'd have to say we were already besties. Like we have our own handshake and text eachother past 9 p.m. Don't be jelly, you can be friends with JoAnn also, I'm not a friend hoarder, promise. Plus, I used the JoAnn app, which for some reason NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT until a few weeks ago.  I have the teacher discount card, but for the life of me could never remember to grab my coupons from home.  Perfect app for me. I love JoAnn's with all my wallet heart and will be wearing my new sockies on the first day of school.

Smorgie #3: I just got my first iPhone for a birthday present this April.  So far, I've tried out 2 covers. Glittery chevron and mint, and chalkboard LOVE (both from Etsy). Both are super cute and I love them, however, I have a toddler who is prone to sticking things in the toilet at the moment and I must sacrifice pretty for functional for a few more years.

So, I splurged and bought a Lifeproof case (boring old black for me), which was supposed to be $80, but somehow the guy at my cable/internet/cell business got down to $63! Yipppeee! If you are in the dark ages like me, a Lifeproof case completely encases your phone, making it waterproof, dustproof....toddler proof. Maybe in the near future they will make some with cute designs...

Smorgie #4:I bought this cute hemlock vase (a splurge at $25) and loooove her.  I promptly popped some ferns and forget-me-nots (Alaska's state flower btdubs) from the front yard in her. Dreamy, no?
Smorgie #5:Found these cute pjs (check out the trap door bottom!) that also happen to sport his nickname! Here he is playing on his new toddler bed (he just learned how to climb down by turning backwards so this up and down from the bed is a good 30 minutes of entertainment!).



  1. OMY LOVE those pjs! :) and that vase- it is exactly what I love. I just noticed the sides of your blog- are they forget-me-nots? They are my favorites! Oh the phone cases are adorable, too! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  2. Those jammies are the best! I hope you're taking lots of photos! When my boys were young and they learned about stairs they spent hours climbing, bumping down on their bottoms and climbing back up! The reusable water bottle is fantastic!

  3. I am absolutely loving my Lifeproof case. I have already dropped it out the car window while trying to take a picture and several times while getting out of the car. It was worth the money I spent for sure because ultimately it will be cheaper than buying another phone.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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