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Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Hawaii Friday!

Time to link up for Five for Friday!

1.  It's Friday and I'm headed to Maui! First stop, Seattle for 2 days to visit Mr.Tongass' brother and fam. This will definitely make the long flight a little easier (from Juneau to Seattle is about 3 hours, which would make for a loooong day if we stuck Seattle to Maui in the same day!).  To celebrate, I'm having my first giveaway and the winner gets their choice of 3 craftivities from my TpT store.

2.  I just uploaded my Writing Workshop Resources Bundle and it's packed full of useful printables to make a successful year easy for you.  Writing has never been easier for me to teach since I've organized and created these tools.  In fact, it may be my favorite subject to teach now.  You can read about how I run my Writing Workshop by clicking here.  You can download the bundle by clicking below:
3. Cheeks has been loving books by himself lately. I read to him almost every night and lately, Baby Beluga is the go-to for "head-on-the-shoulder-sleepy-time" action.  I caught him "kissing" an animal from his big animal board book (sorry for the blurryness...no time to grab a real camera when it's spontaneous!). This actually isn't too surprising though, he is such a sweetheart with our lil yorkie, Buggaboo and is constantly kissing her. Grosssss, but sweet.
4. We went to a beautiful wedding yesterday at Orca Point Lodge! We took a small ferry/catamaran to an island and had a blast! The bride was beautiful and even the Juneau drizzle didn't stop her from looking stunning! Everyone was given cute umbrellas :)
5. Taco Bell is seriously something we look forward to every time we go on vacation. Yeah, yeah, you probably think, "Ew! Gross!" Well, hold up. Get off your judgement horse cowboy! Maybe it's the fact that we can't have it that makes it appealing.  There was a TB in Juneau until about 10 years ago, and ever since it closed, it's hard to watch commercials (Doritos locos? Whaaaa?) without wanting to cry. So, first stop when we get to Seattle, the fanciest restaurant in town! 


  1. Hmmm...traveling with a one year old....on a plane...take the red eye, if their sleep pattern is set for night time, take their favorite toys, blankets of course, get something NEW that u r pretty sure he will like, lots of wet wipes...that's all I've got!
    good luck, Paula

  2. back again! I agree with the Taco Bell excitement! We have one in Wasilla thank goodness, but it is a special treat to get to go!~everytime we watch that commercial, my hubby and look at each other and say "we gotta go next pay day!" Paula

  3. 1. Jealous about the vacay! (How long would your flight be w/o the Seattle layover?)
    2. Cheeks is a-dor-able.
    3. I'm sorry about the Taco Bell thing. I guess we just think that Alaska is part of the US so they *must* have most of the same fast food chains. I have friends that love when they come home to Indiana for Steak N Shake--I guess since I live 5 min. away I don't see the novelty. Make sure you post about your first Doritos locos tacos!

    You Might Be a First Grader….

  4. I was just in Maui in January! Wishing I was going again. Can't wait to see your pictures.
    A one year old...hmmm...I was worried about my girls ears not popping on the plane. I made sure they were chewing or sucking on something as we went up and down.


    Curious Firsties

  5. My advice for travelling with a 1 year old - is make sure they drink lots of water. Take fruit in small pieces and lots of baby wipes. My sister has a quite book that she has made - that has puppets, Velcro pieces and stuff to do - check out Riches an Roses blog and her etsy shop
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  6. Travelling with a one year old - bring lollipops/favorite snacks and books/drawing materials.



  7. I don't have any kids, but maybe lots of snacks?

  8. I am your newest follower! :)

    Travel with young kids can be tricky. I always have on hand snacks, water, wet wipes, and my daughter's blankie and favorite toy. I am so jealous...Maui...wow!


  9. Hi!! I'm your newest follower!! :) I actually have a friend who teaches in Alaska as well so I have a bit of an idea of what it may be like living where light and dark are very different than here! :) I really want to try to do some more craftivities next year so this would be a great way to start! It's hard to find time to do these, but I think they make it more fun and engaging for the kids!

    OH, have fun in Hawaii!!! I'm a tad bit jealous! :)

    All Things Apple in 2nd

    1. I'm sorry! I didn't see what you wanted us to comment on! hah :) Traveling with a 1 year old?? Well, seeing that I do not have any children of my own yet, I don't think I would be the best to answer this! :) However, I think having lots of snacks and little distractors may be good! :)

  10. Kissing the picture is pretty darn cute! I traveled on a plane with a 1 and three year old and I can't remember anything too bad. I think as a parent you're worried about all the other people on board. We had ear issues going on but they chewed on something as we took off and landed. It will be fine, I'm sure.

  11. Your craftivities are so cute! They fit so well with so many stories we do in the 2nd grade! I hope I win :) Have a fabulous vacation!

  12. Thank you for linking up this week at my Monday's Quick and Easy Art Project! This is just terrific!
    Cheeks is as cute as can be, I recommend drugs for traveling.....for you, not him! :) Sorry, just so happy to have teenagers! I feel for your Taco Bell pain, ours is across town and we have the teen drive there and bring it home sometimes, again, one day you'll be so happy to have Cheeks-The-Teen Version 1.0!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  13. Advice for traveling with a 1 year old: Bring all of his favorite things:) Anything that will distract, quiet toys, snack foods, sippy cup, putting things in and out of a tissue box, coloring, etc. oh, how I miss those days - they grow so fast! Have fun!


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