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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yaya! My first week of Summer!

Has it been a week already?!  Time for Friday Flashback and Five for Friday then!
Is it summer for you yet? All across the country I can feel the anticipation! Time to recharge! I have big plans this summer. I vow to get things done, and not be lazy!  First, before I could really relax and really feel the school year was over, I did my "school laundry." You know, the pile of random extra clothes you might have at school for the random times you get barfed on or whatever (our lives can be so dang gross fabulous!).  I brought home my science lab coat for the first time and although I was terrified that the permanent marker ink would disappear, it didn't!  Still snazzy! If you don't already have a lab coat, I highly recommend getting one...not for the coverage, but for the excitement and "cool" factor it adds to science!
What a week weather-wise! I don't know if I can ever really explain how much it rains here, so just know that the sun being out and it being 75 degrees is not unheard of in Juneau, but it's very much out of our norm. We've been playing outside all week and preparing our pasty white skin for Hawaii! Cheeks doesn't seem to like the texture of grass, so we're giving him plenty of time to get used to it...I will not have an "indoor child" since we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Nope. Get 'ur buns outside hun! Here's Cheeks' playing with a sprinkler for the first time in Grandma's backyard.  Thankfully, he's a water baby and LOVED it!
 We (and by we, I mean Mr. Tongass) are remodeling our home that was built in 1961 (holy wallpaper, Batman!).  This means, pouring new cement after removing a rock wall siding.  My adorable husband thought of putting Cheeks' footprints in and...voila! Cute, eh?
We also took a trip to the mall, which in Juneau, consists of a long hallway sort of like a strip mall.  We have an outdoor shopping store (like an REI), a Payless Shoe store, GNC, JoAnns, Petco, Office Max, Hallmark, a local bookstore that I spend too much money at, and a few other little shops and eateries.  Not exactly a mall, but it's better than nothing! Here is Cheeks picking a fight with the mall's mascot. As you can see, he wasn't the least bit afraid!
We also had his 1 year photo shoot this week with the amazing Meta Mesdag of Catchfly Photography.  Not only is she a breeze to work with, but she understands what her clients want and is just downright down to earth.  I'm so excited to see his photos...the anticipation might just kill me!
On another totally unrelated note, check out my little brother's paintings!  He works for a small plane airline company and has made that his main subject area.  He is pretty amazing, and coming along nicely (those Bob Ross videos I gave him for Christmas are paying off, hehe).  What do you think?


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